We believe Hair says who you are, where you’ve been, where your going and What you want in life.

Our styling says I want perfection and satisfaction. Jasmin has worked independatly and traveled Between New York and LA pleasing clients, she has also worked For some of the Hair industry’s renowned salons where she received formal training in hair cutting coloring and specialized in natural curls makes her and her team the full package.

Passionate about the health of hair Austin Curls also mixes client custom oil blends and offers natural treatments.

Ouidad is a curly hair technique which includes cutting and product application (“the rake and shake”). It’s really two haircuts in one. The exterior cut which designs the style you want, then the interior cut which is sectioning your hair and carving and slicing into your natural curl pattern to enhance your curl and eliminate the triangle effect. Not everyone is a candidate for the interior parts of the cut. We would make that decision after I see your hair. Both services include a shampoo, conditioning, teaching you the Ouidad styling technique and how to apply your product. I look forward to providing the best hair care for your lifestyle, and to share some easy styling tools and education to make your life easier.
What kind of Curl do you have?

Loose, Classic, Tight, or Kinky? Ouidad has the cut and product for you!
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Check out more information about the Ouidad technique and my reviews on the Ouidad National Website.

Our Service

restoration treatment restores hair vitality with light conditioning nourishment and detangling protection helps prevent breakage. a little goes a long way to soften, smooth, and control unwanted frizz and flyaways. and it's 100% silicone-free.
Excessively tangled hair will be priced accordingly
Includes the exterior and interior cut plus the full “rake and shake“ technique and a step by step tutorial.
Exterior cut or maintenance for a full Ouidad (to be determined, not every curly head is a candidate for the interior part of a Ouidad). Also includes “rake and shake“and tutorial.