Hair trends 2017

Hair trends 2017

Jasmin Todd

We all want to be in the know let’s review what’s happening in hair this year weather your a

soccer mom or a young fashionista it’s important to look your best. Here’s a recap of what’s in

and what’s out for 2017 hairstyle and please all you classic gals don’t worry about your classic do’s

there timeless this is purely for trends sake. This will be a visual journey so if you have questions.

Feel free to contact me.

This by far is one of the best looks and yes it’s BALAYAGE! This trend isn’t going anywhere it

allows you to have highlights that look soft and natural and more time between retouching

highlights who could ask for more…

This is the ultimate bed head my beauty plus filters couldn’t even do this for me but the color is


! 1

Hair color if you dare there’s so many fun colors to play with these days 🌈 and it’s completely

acceptable to were these bright hues. It’s not what you do but the way you do it.

Now let’s get a bit passé, next stop is called Bronde not to be confused with blonde…yes blondes

have more fun This is a technique that maintains depth and contrast, hair gets light towards ends.

! 2

Ahh.. music to my eyes the sleek beautiful

chocolate browns, don’t under estimate a

beautiful brown this is HOT☄ for 2017 very

sexy and sultry ultra brunette, part down the

middle child!

There’s more where that came from for 2017

however less is more if your looking for a

change or to turn some heads try something

new on your head.

! 3

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